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This is a thrilling time to provide solutions to governments. ICT budgets across Asia-Pacific are growing by more than 8% a year. By 2025, more than US$1.7 trillion will have been invested in smart cities. Government technology is dubbed the ‘$400bn market hiding in plain sight’.
This is a competitive marketplace, and government is a discerning client. How will you identify opportunities and demonstrate your ability to enable change?
GovInsider Live will showcase the most innovative tools, technologies and services available to government. You will reach an enthusiastic and engaged community of buyers and influencers.


​The GovInsider community includes global innovators responsible for policy, finance and technology decisions across government, healthcare, education, transportation, and critical Infrastructure.
50 nations will be represented from ASEAN governments; Australia and New Zealand; as well as Europe, North America, Latin America and Africa.
We will welcome:

  • 20+ Ministers
  • Permanent Secretaries
  • Chiefs of Staff
  • Governors & Mayors
  • Agency Chief Executives
  • GCIOs & CTOs
  • And many more

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